soft cupping therapy

Soft cups are made of silicone and when used for Cupping Therapy produce a negative pressure opposed to the positive pressure that is used in Swedish massage.

In using negative pressure pain receptors are not triggered as no direct pain is being applied to the area.

Cupping creates a vacuum which encourages blood flow to the surrounding area and causes a small inflammatory effect also warming the skin extremely quickly. This effect activates the chemical mediators of inflammation triggering the body’s natural healing response. Cupping has been proven by ultrasound to reach up to 4 inches below the skins surface!

Toxins and debris are drawn to the body’s surface where it can be safely removed by the body’s Lymphatic system. The outcome of this treatment is pain relief and detoxification.

Benefits of Soft Cupping Therapy:
Soft Cupping Therapy as a stand alone treatment is extremely relaxing and if had frequently has amazing health benefits.